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Equipped for Deep Foundations

Whether you need caisson, slope stabilization, ground improvement, or an offshore deep foundation, Legacy Foundations has the equipment and expertise to ensure that the job is done right.

Deep Drilling Equipment
Each task in deep foundation work requires specialized equipment to get the job done. Legacy Foundations uses state-of-the-art equipment tailored to each foundation task. Our experienced team has been among the first to work with many pieces of modern drilling equipment. Each piece of heavy equipment requires specialized knowledge to safely and efficiently get the most out of the gear.

Legacy is committed to ensuring that our team maintains and grows its knowledge of industry leading equipment by sending our personnel to train at manufacturer’s facilities around the world and providing internal training on the safe and effective operation of each piece that we utilize. Legacy constantly educates our crews on the newest technology from manufacturers in Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Korea, Austria, Germany, the UK and the USA.

Oscillators & Rotators
When project requirements call for using a fully cased drill method, you can count on Legacy to have the right equipment and the knowledge to use it. Our experienced team has extensive experience in using equipment from the leading oscillator and rotator manufacturers around the world. Legacy is proud to invest in our people, ensuring that our experts have the opportunity to work directly with manufacturers and their designers, fabricators and engineers to optimize the best product for every project. Our team has working knowledge and expertise with leading manufacturers’ systems, including BUMA, LEFFER and Nippon Sharyo.

Duty Cycle Cranes
Liebherr deep foundation cranes are the perfect complement for the casing oscillators and rotators that are used for large shaft drilling. The Legacy team is experienced in the safe and efficient operation of the full range of classic and modern Leibherr deep foundation cranes. Liebherr cranes are one of the leading workhorses in the deep foundation industry and are the one of the go-to pieces of equipment that Legacy uses to get the job done.

Drilling Rigs
Drilling Rigs There are many types of specialized drilling rigs that are designed for a specific purpose. Legacy’s team has worked with many of the industry leading drill rig manufacturers and knows which rigs to select given the challenges and constraints of each project. Our team of experts has decades of experience on many top drive rotary drilling rigs.

When there are space and mobility constraints, LoDrils are often the equipment that is best suited to the conditions of the job site. LoDrils can be used in a wide variety of applications, including on slopes, under bridges, under power lines or even inside buildings. The Legacy Foundations team has extensive experience with LoDrils and knows when they are the best and safest choice for your project.

Although modern drilling equipment has created huge advancements in our industry, sometimes the tried and true methods of drilling are still the best option for a project. Legacy understands that we must maintain our team’s skills with truck mounted and crane attachment drilling units to ensure that we have a versatile set of skills, allowing us to provide a quick and quality drilling experience regardless of the type and age of equipment used.