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Slope Stabilization & Shoring Systems

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Slope Stabilization & Shoring Systems

All slopes are in the process of leveling out. Gravity continues to pull soil and rock downslope. Depending on the angle of the slope, type of soil, water saturation and weather conditions, this process can be gradual over thousands of years or a catastrophic landslide that only takes a few seconds.

Legacy Foundations uses slope reinforcement techniques such as anchors, piles and soil nails to mitigate the dangers that slopes can pose to structures and the lives within them. When slope angles must be maintained and controlled, Legacy Foundations will stabilize the slope to ensure the safety and endurance of the structures both above and below.

To stabilize a slope, first the depth of the failure plane is identified. Then, piles, soil nails, anchors or columns are inserted at an angle through the failure plane into the stable material underneath. This network of structural elements acts as a web that stabilizes the slope and alleviates the risk of collapse.

Shoring often goes hand in hand with foundation building, and ensures that the pressure of the earth surrounding a structure or trench is managed. In wet conditions, excavations may have an unsound bottom that requires shoring to stabilize. When building a structure in wet, sandy or unstable soil, shoring is required to ensure that the soil surrounding a hole stays in place and does not encroach on the structure, causing risk to life and property.

Legacy Foundations utilizes shoring systems such as soldier piles and lagging, anchors, braces, tiebacks and soil nails to control and direct the forces pressing inward towards the structure or foundation. Our team is experienced and dedicated to ensuring both the safety of our workforce and of the future occupants of the structure. We know that lives are in our hands. Our sophisticated shoring techniques will ensure that your structures remain stable and dry throughout their lifetime.


  • Soldier Pile/lagging walls with tiebacks or internal bracing
  • Secant Piles
  • Tangent Piles
  • Soil Nails
  • Tiebacks
  • Strand Anchors