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It’s complicated. We make it simple

For over 15 years, Legacy’s Mitigation Department has successfully remediated 2- to 12-foot-diameter shafts. Our team of experts is qualified in pile remediation, hydro demolition, horizontal hydro blasting, and coring services. These experts make the Mitigation Department the best in the business, unmatched in both skillset and reliability. With our strong safety culture and record, we complete even the most challenging projects safely and efficiently.

The Mitigation Department began as an internal necessity. Through years spent overcoming our own drilled-shaft challenges, Legacy Foundations developed tried and true methods to repair even the most difficult drilled shaft anomalies. We’ve made the mistakes ourselves—and we’ve learned how to rectify them quickly and precisely. We understand the equipment and processes that will allow us to repair any given anomaly without hesitation. During Legacy Foundations’ early development of anomaly-repair methods, we helped our fellow industry contractors mitigate detected anomalies. In August of 2020, Legacy Foundations went all in and created a specialized department to provide cost effective and timely anomaly repair. As of January 1, 2021, the Mitigation team has operated as a standalone department of Legacy Foundations. We’re ready to put our experience to the test.

Our work has been put to the test and proven successful; we’ve never met an anomaly we can’t repair. We believe in repairing anomalies without re-engineering or significantly changing the structure or design. Our method eliminates the risk of an augmented shaft to be poured with the same problem. This repair method can be a huge time- and cost-saving measure for the client, helping to eliminate: 

  • Machine-Driven Demo
  • Steel Reinforcement Destruction
  • Micro Piling
  • Elimination of Sound Concrete
  • Critical Scheduling Delays

The Mitigation Dept. utilizes several techniques and tools to complete our work, such as hydro-blasting, down-hole cameras, and pressure grouts.

Our crew members have strong backgrounds in the drilled shaft industry. Every person on our team understands all aspects of drilled shaft installation and repair. With this experience, Legacy Foundation’s Mitigation Department will help our clients throughout the entire mitigation process. We know the value of coordination and communication with all team members, including those outside of the direct project crew, such as:

  • Project Owners
  • Departments of Transportation
  • General Contractors
  • Geo-Tech Representatives & Firms
  • Safety Departments
  • Environmental Departments

Our Mitigation Team can provide:

  • Detailed mitigation plans, customized for each project.
  • Post Mitigation Reports including documented data from the entire repair process to verify the specific repair work.
  • Knowledge of ADSC’s repair plan and adherence to FHWA standards and specifications of drilled shaft anomaly repair work.
  • Turnkey operations.

We also offer:

  • Drilled Shaft Base Tip Grouting
  • Horizontal Hydro Blasting
  • Deep Foundations Coring
  • Deep Foundations Pressure Grouting
  • Hydro Demolition; Columns, Bridge Decks, Concrete Structures
  • Drilled Shaft Anomaly Mitigation