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Deep Foundations

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Deep Foundations

Deep foundations are required when building loads need to be transferred deep into the earth to ensure that a structure has adequate support in the presence of poor soil conditions or large weight loads. The site is analyzed and piers, piles or drilled shafts are inserted at strategic intervals to support the building or structure above.

During this process, Legacy drills a hole deep into the ground, then inserts reinforcing material such as a rebar cage into the opening. The drilled shaft is then filled with concrete and undergoes extensive testing to ensure that each column is free from defects. The finished pier provides a solid structure underground that resists tension, compression, and lateral loads. The result is a deep foundation that can safely support the weight of the building, bridge or other structure above.

Legacy specializes in difficult, deep foundations with a diameter up to 14 feet and a depth of up to 300 feet. We maintain a modern fleet of heavy construction drilling equipment designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. When other companies shy away from a job, Legacy Foundations can make it happen. We have the equipment, expertise and drive to ensure that your project is completed on time, on budget, and beyond your expectations.

We can assist in the design and build of large scale, highly challenging projects that require the highest technical standard. We know that a successful foundation is literally the building block of your successful project. That’s why we are committed to getting it right, every time.


  • Cast in Drilled Hole (CIDH) piles
  • Drilled piers
  • Drilled shafts (caissons)
  • Large diameter drilled shafts, up to 20 ft in diameter and 300 ft deep
  • Drilled shafts with rock sockets
  • Full length temporary cased installation with oscillators and rotators
  • Permanent casing
  • Slurry drilling
  • In-water/offshore deep foundations
  • Low overhead installations
  • Micropile systems
  • Reverse Circulation Drilling (RCD)
  • Vent/mine shafts