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Legacy Foundations featured in ADSC International Association of Foundation Drilling magazine!

CIHD Mitigation with Below-Freezing Conditions on Union Pacific Railroad

April 2023: Legacy Foundations is an industry leader in drilled shaft construction and in the specialized field of mitigating detected defects in subterranean concrete in drilled and piers. Legacy’s journey in this often misunderstood aspect of drilled shaft construction began more than fifteen years ago with a bold initiative to overcome its own drilled shaft challenges by performing repairs in-house. In 2020, Legacy formed a special group focusing on cost-effective and timely anomaly repairs to drilled shafts along with coring services and hydrodemolition. In January 2022, upon introducing this division and its individualized services to the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT), the team was approached with a request to look at one of WYDOT’s projects owned by and located in the city of Rock Springs, Wyoming. By April, Legacy was on-board and mobilizing to the project site.

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