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Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement

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Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement

As part of the SFI Joint Venture, Legacy Foundations managed the installation of 352 drilled shafts with diameters of 6 feet and 8 feet, drilled up to 200 feet deep. The drilled shafts were constructed utilizing oscillators and rotators for installation, with temporary casing to five feet below tip. The piles were installed in positive artesian condition and drilled below sea level. In addition to the drilled shafts, the scope of work included 500+ ground improvement holes and 100,000+ cubic yards of grounds soil improvements, secant walls, and shoring walls. Legacy was responsible for research, development, patent, and installation of the first post base tip grout CIDH system for Caltrans. Less than 1 percent of all piles installed needed anomaly mitigation repair.

Project Details

Location:Long Beach, CA
Amount: $89M
Delivery Method:Design-Bid-Build
Client Name:Port of Long Beach
Duration: 2012-2018
  • The Port of Long Beach had the privilege of working with Rusty Lucido and his drilling team on the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement project in Long Beach, California. Rusty and his team have demonstrated skill, quality workmanship and responsiveness throughout the project… They overcame many obstacles and the 352 drilled shafts on the project is huge team victory.

    Duane L. Kenagy, P.E.
    Capital Programs Executive